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Prescott Hypnosis is proud to offer the 'virtual gastric band'

This is your drug-free, non-surgical answer!

The 'stick with it' guarantee

Most people begin losing weight after their first hypnosis session. And on top of all that success you can feel confident because we have the 'Stick With It' guarantee. which provides all the help and support you need to reach your weight loss goal. The Guarantee says: As long as you agree to come for your sessions as scheduled and follow the training provided, we'll stick with you until you've achieved your weight loss goal regardless of how many sessions it takes.

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Weight Loss reviews

Our clients are saying...

“I’ve lost over 30 pounds in 4 months. The changes have been simple to implement and I was surprised at how easy it has been, that I didn’t have to make any major changes in my lifestyle to accomplish my weight loss.”
Annie R.
"I lost 56 pounds and got my life back. Hypnosis ended my struggle with weight. I had been in gym programs. I tried dieting. I even ordered videos. Nothing lasted. Now I am in a size 4 and this program is completely the reason why. My search stopped here."
"My husband and I had tried several diets and even pills to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work. After using hypnosis, we have lost and kept off a total of 73 pounds. Many people have asked Gerry and me how we lost the weight. We tell them it was through hypnosis, and although they are skeptical, they can’t argue with the results!"
Gerry & Sherry S.
“In 6 months I went from a size 18 to a 10 and feel so much better. Hypnosis has changed my life tremendously. When I tell people how I’ve lost weight, with diabetes and different medications, they’re amazed. I still have health issues to deal with, but I’m enjoying the journey as I go. I achieved everything I wanted to with hypnosis.”
Serena W.

Prescott Hypnosis is dedicated to helping people realize and access their greatest potential, achieve their goals & heal their life.

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