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Most people stop smoking in their first hypnosis session. And on top of all that success you can feel confident because we have the 'Stick with it' Guarantee for back-up. If you are accepted into this program, we offer the 'Stick With It' Guarantee which provides all the help and support you need to remain a non-smoker. The Guarantee says: As long as you agree to come for your sessions as scheduled and follow the training provided, we'll stick with you until you are a non-smoker regardless of how many sessions it takes.

Stop Smoking reviews

Our clients are saying...

“Before I used Hypnosis, I thought life without cigarettes was not possible. Hypnosis and my choice to quit smoking has worked. I am now a non-smoker after 30 years, 2 packs a day. I could not have done it on my own.”
Gwen H.
“I smoked over a pack a day and this is the first time I quit that I have had no cravings. I heard it would work and it did, and I learned how to relieve my stress too.”
“I don’t have to hide and be ashamed at times to go have a cigarette.”
Rochelle B.
“I would recommend anyone to use Hypnosis. I used to smoke 2 packs a day, and now I relax instead of smoke! It’s worth every penny.”
Sabie B.

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