and stress

with life

You know that feeling where your heart pounds, muscles tense and breathing becomes difficult.  You feel your gut n a knot or feel like you’re having a heart attack.  You just feel overwhelmed with life.

Stress constricts the flow of blood and oxygen to our muscles and brain, causing headaches as well as a whole host of symptoms impairing our natural ability to heal.  It can cause mood swings, impatience and anger.  This can cause a strain on our relationships with those we love, not to mention affecting healthy feelings of self-confidence, self-reliance and self-acceptance.  In the most severe form, stress can simplu be terrifying, making you feel completely out of control.

Under stress we tend to focus on what’s wrong instead of solutions.  By focusing on and thinking in the direction of our problems our subconscious acts out and strives toward more of the same, keeping us in an unhealthy cycle.

Hypnosis for Stress reviews

Our clients are saying...

“Hypnosis is exactly what I needed to relax and eliminate my anxiety. I felt my body respond to the positive attitude I had acquired by listening to my hypnosis program.”
“After I worked with Carrie Ann my confidence returned and I began to feel like a whole person again.”
“I was nervous about having surgery and saw Carrie Ann to help. I felt so comfortable and positive going into surgery. I felt I was in charge of how my body responded to the surgery because of my ability to be so relaxed.”
“I am so happy to have the increase in energy since doing hypnosis. My energy level has doubled.”

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