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"After working with Carrie Ann to prepare me for surgery for a double mastectomy my surgery that normally takes no less than 4 hours, took only two hours. I required only a small amount of anesthetic and I had no bleeding at the operative site. I had virtually no discomfort and healed much faster than expected."
K.W., Prescott, AZ
"I worked with Carrie Ann before the birth of my baby. Labor was the most relaxed I have been in my life. Hypnosis is amazing! I can’t wait to use it again."
C.R., Howell, MI
"In the past I had apprehensions about upcoming surgery. This time there was no anxiety. I felt confident that my body would respond to the positive attitude I had acquired by listening to my CD. My recovery was amazing."
Darcy G.B.A., MA., Prescott, AZ

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