Have you suffered an injury or injuries and you are having a hard time getting back on the court or field?  Are you worried about reinjuring yourself?

Are you so worried about failure that you are distracted from your game and have a hard time staying focused?

Do you get angry at yourself or an unfair call during competition and take your mind out of the game affecting your ability to perform?

Do you you worry about your opponent being better than you are?

The masterful athletes program

Carrie Ann developed the Masterful Athletes Program for husband’s football team.  He had taken both football and baseball teams to win state championships.  If you are an athlete or coach and would like Carrie Ann to work with your team, contact Carrie Ann to find out more.

Athletic Performance reviews

Our clients are saying...

“I suffered an athletic injury to my ankle, where I was in a wheel chair for a month. Carrie Ann and hypnosis helped me realize that I could use courage and positive thinking to overcome the fear of re-injuring it and get back onto the field and play again. I still use what she taught me every day of my life.”
Joe K.
“I was going into my senior year of high school, injuries were seriously stunting my performance in football and my life was in disarray. After using hypnosis my confidence returned and I began to feel like a whole person again. I support and strongly recommend hypnosis. I now play in college and still use my hypnosis programs.”
Blain B.
"As a football coach I asked Carrie Ann to help my team with their mental game. Carrie Ann has helped my team and ball players hit a level of performance that has made our team better. She has taught my players how to relax, focus, and perform in a winning way."
Coach Chuck

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