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Lana's Journey from self-loathing to self-lifting


“Even though he said it didn’t matter, I worried my husband couldn’t love me being so overweight.  I didn’t feel lovable or sexy and…being heavy was affecting my health.”


“…Undermined my confidence.  I was unhappy with my life.  I felt a lack of respect everywhere, especially at work.  My confidence was very low and I was so despondent.”

Lana before weight loss

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Lana after weight loss


"Hello Carrie Ann,
I want to start off by Thanking You so much for helping me to quit smoking. I was a little nervous about coming to see you. That was a huge step for me, because I have Childhood PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Once I met you, I felt so at ease. You made me feel welcome and relaxed as you explained about the Hypnosis Program. I was so excited about starting this Program right away, to help me stop Smoking. I was so ready to get rid of these nasty cigarettes and start living a Healthy Life. When I started my first session, you made it so easy for me to become relaxed and listening to your calming voice made it so much more relaxing for me. I want you to know that I have not felt this good and relaxed in over 3 years. So I thank you for that. Our 2nd session, was amazingly relaxing as well. You really got into the horrible effects of smoking, that really got to me and I quit 3 days later. Thank you. My 3rd and last session with you had the most impact on me, my relaxation was at it's highest level ever. Each time, you would go a little deeper into my Sub Conscious Mind. What a Wonderful Feeling it was to have you there by my side helping me through the relaxation, the no smoking and the healing of my personal life.
I also want you to know that I have not even had one craving for those cigarettes, since I quit on March 16, 2020. I listen to my Personal Program CD's that you recorded just for me on a daily basis. I Love them.

It has truly been a Pleasure meeting you Carrie Ann. I appreciate everything you have done for me with my struggles. Hugs and Prayers Carrie Ann
Kerri O.
From Prescott, AZ

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